Yes the filters have arrived, Thank you very much for all your help. You will be the first person i will call for any other filters. Thanks again.

- M. M.

Manager, Stores Operations

Facilities Management, Brown University

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About JusFilters.com

Tim Barnes has well over a decade in the dust collection business, and is the brainchild behind the Jus-Family of Companies.

How did the Jus-Filters get started?
Tim Barnes worked selling used dust collectors for over 10 years. Sitting in front of his computer, on his company's website (who will remain nameless), Tim realized "this is all wrong". The site was hard to navigate, poorly organized, and had everything from office chairs to CNC routers, and hand tools to dust collectors. He thought to himself "I could do this better"...so he did! After JusDust.com had been around for about 1 year Tim realized something was missing. Now that people got a great price on a used dust collector they are going to need "stuff" for it. So was born JusFilters.com, and JusDuct.com.

Why Jus instead of Just?
"This one's not to exciting...justdust.com domain name was already taken so we opted for the next best thing jusdust.com"

What makes Jusfilters.com different?
"JusFilters.com operates on the same principle as all the Jus-Family of sites, and that's to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you are looking for."

What makes Jusfilters.com so easy to use?
"JusFilters.com utilizes the newest web site technologies to provide you the best possible user experience. You are able to locate filters for your machine using methods you feel most comfortable with. We offer "one-click" layered navigation, search, and advanced search features. If you have ANY product number related to your filter, enter it in a search box, and you will find filters that fit your machine. And if you are really not comfortable with websites, just give us a call 888-587-3878."

What if I'm just not a tech guy?
"We realize not everyone feels comfortable using the internet. Some of use are "old school". That's not a problem, we pride ourselves on customer service. If you have a question, have trouble using our site, or just want us to find the filter that fits your machine give us a call 888-587-3878."

Does JusFilters.com offer any services?
"Yes. For a complete list of additional services offered at JusFilters.com visit our services page."

"Thank you for taking the time to read about JusFilters.com. Read on below to learn about sales manager Dan Korte, and how he can help with your filtration needs!"


Tim Barnes

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