Yes the filters have arrived, Thank you very much for all your help. You will be the first person i will call for any other filters. Thanks again.

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Genuine Donaldson Torit Fitlers

JusFilters.com Partners

Made in the USA and Canada

Here are some of our valuable business partners. American and Canadian made brands you recognize, and trust!

Donaldson Torit Ultra-Web JusFilters.com carries Genuine Donaldson Torit bag and cartridge filters. also find used Donaldson Torit products at JusDust.com.

Hansentek products protect your capitol investments. Spark & flame detection, supression, and warning systems.

Hansentek Fire Detection Products

KB Duct

KB Duct offers a complete line of clamp together or flanged, galvanized or stainless steel duct solutions. If off the shelf products won't work they can also build to spec. See the complete line at JusDuct.com.

Act Dust Collectors have offered American made quality since 1988. See our complete line of Act downward flowing, cartridge dust collectors at JusDust.com.
Act Dust Collectors

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