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Genuine Donaldson Torit Fitlers

Why Donaldson Torit Filters?

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota Donaldson Torit has been providing filtration products that better people's lives, and protect the environment (and your company's capitol investments), since 1915.

With over 12,000 professionals on staff Donaldson Torit has the professional expertise, Donaldson Torit Filtersand know how to position themselves at the forefront of new dust collections, and filtration technologies. Donaldson Torit's commitment to forward thinking, and customer dedication combines to make Donaldson the premier source of quality filtration solutions for its customers, and a premier employer for talented people who enjoy a collaborative, and performance-driven environment.

All this said many of you still have questions about Donaldson Torit filtration products. Here are a few of those questions and answers....and if you don't find your answer here don't hesitate to contact us 888-587-3878.

  • What makes Donaldson Torit Filters different from other Filters?
  • Experience and Expertise. Donaldson Torit has been manufacturing filters since 1915. Since the beginning they have worked to stay ahead of the curve, researching and developing the newest, and most reliable technologies.
  • Why Purchase from JusFilters.com?
  • JusFilters.com operates the same way all the Jus®-Family Companies operate....wait for the cliche...the K.I.S.S. principle..."Keep It Simple Stupid". If you have ANY filter model number type it in, or use our simple navigation on the left of this page, and find the filter for your machine in just one click. Not a fan of websites? just give us a call 888-587-3878.
  • I was on another site, and they had filters that fit my machine for nearly half the cost of your Torit Filters...what gives?
  • There are dozens of filter manufacturers out there. We also all know you can make almost anything in China for half the price as in the United States. If the quality is the same on ANY less expensive product, buy it! That said keep in mind, most people are looking for VALUE, NOT CHEAP! the number that matters to you is MERV.
  • Ok so what is MERV?
  • We'll talk more about the Merv scale on the "Why Ultra-Web Filters" page. MERV is a measure of efficiency, the higher the number the better, and don't bother with anything under 13.

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